New equipment – Equipment reconditioning - Technical assistance – Capacitation

Nuestras representaciones de ventas:

Direct technical assistance:

-Bucket elevators,
-Metal conveyors,
-Air cannons,
-Main burners and Pyro-Process systems,

-Quenching towers,

-Explosion gates,

Direct assistance from our representatives:

Dust collectors, gas monitoring systems and injection of inert gases through our representatives.

Acondicionamiento de gases:

Gas conditioning:

Materials Handling: Bucket Elevators | Pan Conveyors

From belt bucket elevators components, existing equipment reconditioning or new elevators.

Pulleys | Pulley Rubber Segments

Type A Fastening

Type B Fastening

Rubber covered steel cable core belt resists up to 140°C in closed conditions. Band resistance is accord to the design of the bucket elevator

Based on the customer's requirements, bands can be manufactured in China or Europe.

Bucket Elevator Modernization
More than 22 years of know-how

Material handling:
Elevator to central chain conversions.
Central chain bucket elevator individual components.
Existing equipment reconditioning

Material handling:

Round link chain elevators components.
Different configurations available

Material handling:

Air cannons represent an especially useful tool to help avoid crowding or blocking in cyclones, hoppers, or silos.

• Shock-Blower advantages:
• Minimal maintenance costs
• Exceptionally low consumption compressed air
• Deagglomeration air blast effectiveness

Material handling

Stackers modernization / material reclaimers to turnkey projects with our represented Bedeschi.

ON SHORE chargers and special applications

Combustion systems

100% Natural Gas Burner –Market
unique Flame Profile Control.

Unitherm M.A.S. S.G. (Mono-Airduct System – Swirl Gas)

M.A.S. DT (Disc Technology) burner +
Satellite burner

The perfect combination for rotary kilns fossil fuels maximum replacement.

Technical assistance through Servimex

Pyro process

Rotary kilns preheaters optimization:

-Flour injection points,

Rotary kilns preheaters optimization:

-Gasified chlorine bypass
-Chlorine bypass in hot flour

Active and passive fuel preparation security systems

Grinding systems and storage silos blast release gates

Food industry conveyor dampers to release explosions

Active and passive fuel preparation safety systems

Potato starch-based adhesives