Argus ASR

Argus Servicios y Representaciones, S.A. de C.V.

Founded in 2008 dedicated to supplying specific packaging solutions, to the food and pet food industry, in presentations of paper bags, Form-Film and Seal and doy pack bags.

High-capacity equipment from forty strokes per minute to 110 strokes per minute packaging machines.

From 250 gr packages. up to 25 kg bags.


Servicios Industriales y Marítimos de México, S.A. de C.V.

Founded at 1998 beginnings, beginning its activity as an equipment supplier through sales representations for the cement industry, lime industry and spare parts trading for marine industry.

Servimex has experience in various cement industry technological areas: materials handling, combustion systems, dust collection systems and gas conditioning. In addition to the process equipment, we have passive-safety equipment for petcoke/coal grinding facilities and fuel storage.

The local manufacturing of parts and components for bucket elevators are part of the core business

We have the possibility of locally manufacturing parts for bucket elevators and metal conveyors, helping our clients reduce costs in labor, transportation, and delivery times.

Technical assistance

In addition to having the technical support of our representatives, Servimex has qualified personnel with experience providing technical advice on everything related to bucket elevators (belt or chain), metal conveyors, burners for rotary kilns, and explosion vent gates.

Adhesive for making bags.